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stop comment spam

Jan 19, 2005, 12:20am EST



Comment spam is a major problem for many people. So to help reduce the problem, major search engines and blog software makers are agreeing to work together. By having blog software add an attribute to links in comments, search engines will ignore the links when computing page rank.

I’ve gone ahead and implemented it for my blog, although I haven’t received any comment spam. On the other hand, the wordpress installation I’m using for webnote has gotten some spam comments (currently all deleted). I’m waiting for the wordpress patch that fixes it.

Hmm, seems like it was evan’s idea.

I wonder if this is compatible with XFN. I’ll ask around tomorrow and see if I can find out.

Update: Yup, I’m told that:

We’ll recognize spaces, commas, or any other punctuation and just search for one of the attributes to match nofollow.

Update 2: I’ve been informed by Neil that Drupal (and CivicSpace which is build on Drupal) also support this attribute.

Update 3: Scoble talks about other uses of “nofollow”. The discussion is also interesting.