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I like console apps

Sep 01, 2004, 01:54am EDT



I hacked together a command line utility for searching my email. It’s a command line app because I still use pine for email. Pine is definitely better than gmail and worse than mutt.

Anyway, although I search from the command line, the results acutally show up in pine, so it’s not that terrible.

It uses lupy, a python port of lucene, a full text indexer and searcher in java.

Searches are fast, less than a second, but indexing my 13000+ messages (that’s about 10 months worth and doesn’t include spam) took a while (I think about 50 minutes).

In hindsight, lupy was probably a mistake. I should have just used lucene as it is faster and has many more search options (like wildcard, prefix, fuzzy, etc).

Related programs:

  • mairix
    Another program that seems to be similar. There wasn’t enough information about how the search works for me to trust it.
  • zoe
    Looks pretty nice, but it’s a heavy Java application. I tried to set it up a while back and failed. It’s based on Lucene.
  • A mailing list post about using lupy as an addon to kmail.

jack cummings at Nov 28, 2004, 02:31pm EST

I like this better than mairix, but how do you make lupy return more than 100 matches?

./ google 1031 hits 100 messages found in 3.18 seconds Or does a hit != a message match..?


tony at Nov 29, 2004, 10:41pm EST

Look in lupy/search/ and you should see a maxDocs (set to 200). You will also see a getMoreDocs method. You can use that to add more documents ot the hits object. That is, in, you can use hits.getMoreDocs(100) to add 100 more documents to the hits object.