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ads in feeds

Sep 14, 2005, 02:50am EDT



I’m unsubscribing my news aggregator from The Nation. Why? Because they’ve started putting ads in their feeds. [1] Now, I understand that small publications have a hard time making revenue online. I also don’t mind that lots of sites that fall into this category require me to click through to see content (e.g., most web comic feeds work this way). However, I don’t like it when there’s an ad in the feed and the feed only provides a link to content. If I could read the whole article from my news reader and the feed also contained ads, I’d be willing to live with it. But two sets of ads to read an article is too much for me.

[1] Yes, I realize that Google is experimenting with AdSense for Feeds as well.

DC at Sep 14, 2005, 06:51am EDT

I agree. I think there’s some upper bound on the acceptable percentage of content that you receive that is ads. Clearly if you get a full ad with only a single useful link then the proportions are the opposite of how they should be.