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by Tony Chang

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NPR Finder

Jan 02, 2009, 04:46am EST



NPR Finder screen shot A long time ago, I wrote a crappy Google Maps mashup that plots NPR stations on a map. Since then, NPR has added station finder which includes a road trip feature that lists stations to tune into while on a long drive.

Since I always forget to use the station finder before road trips, I wrote a small android app that simply finds the nearest station.

It doesn’t stream music, it just finds nearby stations. Actually it just approximates nearby stations based on the city that the station is in.

download | source

ernie at Jan 02, 2009, 12:27pm EST

Hmmm … looks like NPR released an app on 22 Dec. This write up says it has a station finder, but I don’t see it. The cool thing is you can look up stories by topic, show, etrc, and get the full text. Of course, is still pretty decent, but the station finder is kind of useless if you’re road tripping, as you need to enter a town or zip code.

This app looks like it does what yours does, but it is neither free, nor is the source available …

ernie at Jan 02, 2009, 12:33pm EST

Hmmm, so nevermind … a bit more digging reveals that the NPR Mobile app is not an official app. The developer’s blog explains this, and that the station finder will be in the next version. Yea!

This would also explain the lack of branding the application has … interesting that in the What’s the Deal section on his website, he mentions that NPR gave him their blessing to use the name, but this entry says they’ve requested he change the name.

Bradley FLubacher at Jan 05, 2009, 04:50pm EST

They gave me the blessing to use “NPR” in the name. My mistake was not realizing they called “NPR Mobile” which was the same name I gave to my app. I fully understand their request that I change the app name.

The station finder is STILL forthcoming. The application was just rejected today, because unfortunately, the station finder API that NPR published has been broken for the past couple of weeks. Now, we’re just waiting on the folks at NPR to fix their script. ( is missing!)

ernie at Jan 05, 2009, 05:35pm EST

No worries Bradly - I wasn’t criticizing, it was just confusing why you had to change the name after you had their blessing. Thanks for the extra info (and checking your referrer logs)!