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Feb 08, 2006, 01:35pm EST



MyStickies is what I wanted to do with webnote gm, but was too lazy to implement fully.

Alex Pretzlav at Feb 11, 2006, 02:46pm EST

Except for what appears to be broken javascript on their front page, in Safari. When I move my mouse over the links, they disappear. Then when I load it into Camino, it thinks I’m using Firefox and tries to install the firefox extension. I guess nobody there uses macs.

Kianoosh at Jun 05, 2006, 04:50pm EDT

I actually like your webnotes, and to me it serves a different purpose.

MyStickies is more of a personal notes thing for making your own todo lists, other lists, or maybe reminders on different web pages. very powerful, actually. I like it. then you can tag it, browse other peoples’ tags, or search through other published notes, etc… very cool concept in theory.

Your webnotes though, are useful in other ways. Like it would be really nice in a family or project team setting. Any type of group would find it useful. It’s a community bulletin board type thing. yeah, that’s the ticket. very nice work. only thing to take it over the top would be to password protect it so you could have private community boards. on the other hand, I like that I don’t have to sign up to create a note board. It’s just there. But then again, you could package it, release it and someone could just host it in their own intranet, and then there’s your private community board, no problems.