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registration sucks

Feb 24, 2005, 01:07am EST



I was at a concert earlier tonight and heard a song that I wanted to buy and download after the show. I only wanted the single song and I know it’s not on any of their CDs since I already own them. So after a few searches, I was able to learn that the song I wanted was on a movie soundtrack.

I hopped on over to the iTunes Music Store to buy it, except they didn’t have the album. Next, I tried,, and On all three of these sites, you have to register an account before you can even see what tracks are available. What the hell? I can’t browse before deciding whether or not I want to buy? Actually, I’m not sure about, it wouldn’t let me access the music download store with Firefox or Safari. I don’t care if registration is free or not, it’s a huge hassle either way. [1]

I ended up finding an mp3 on a blog post. I feel a little bad about obtaining an illegal copy, but I wanted immediate gratification and I only wanted a single track. I don’t understand why the online music stores are making it so hard on me.

On a side note, I would have been willing to order a CD with the song on it directly from the record label because I’ve had good experiences with them in the past (they include sampler CD, candy, stickers, and other fun things with orders), but the song was only available on a 7” and I don’t own a turntable.

[1] I have the same gripe with furl and spurl. You can’t browse bookmarks without creating an account and logging in.

DC at Feb 24, 2005, 11:59am EST

Yeah, that’s always astonished me too. There have been a couple times where I was like “Well, if they have anything cool, maybe I’ll get one of these one-month subscriptions” only to find out that you have to get the subscription first. I think the real problem, though, is that you just can’t find rare music anywhere (thus the “rare” part). Very frustrating. Ah, how I miss audiogalaxy…

Anonymous Coward at Mar 22, 2005, 06:05am EST

The reason why online music stores do not have that album and song is that the owner of that album (the record company or the artist) decided that they can make more money by selling the whole album through regular channels. I am not an expert on this, but this is usually the reason. Also when you don’t find one song in one online store you don’t need to go every other store, since usually they are more or less the same, unless a store has an exclusive deal with the artist, which is a rare case.

stewart midwinter at Mar 23, 2005, 12:55pm EST

Good points. Your experience is at the root of what started the downloading craze. Some music companies understand your point, but certainly not all.

2nd motive for posting: to see if your blogging software has any controls to prevent comment spam. I’m using wordpress, which puts all comments into a moderation queue, but I still have to spend time approving or deleting them. I’d like to switch to a python-based blog since I work with python at work (but I don’t have time to write my own!).

thanks Stewart in Calgary

stewart midwinter at Mar 23, 2005, 12:57pm EST

hey! My comment was posted right away. That seems to indicate that there’s nothing preventing someone like Texas Hold’em Poker (a notorious spammer) from writing a script to spam your blog to death - I get hundreds of attempted postings from that bastard.


tony at Mar 23, 2005, 03:43pm EST

Yeah, I get lots of those on a wordpress blog too.

The only spam check I have on this site is rate limiting comments from the same IP (I think one comment per minute). However, having custom blog software with a different post url seems to prevent me from being the target of comment spam.