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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Mar 9 - Mar 15)

Mar 24, 2009, 09:56am EST



  • Support loading extensions into the bookmark toolbar.
    [r11294 mpcomplete]
  • Implement a GTK LocationBarView and Autocomplete{Edit,Popup}View.
    [r11323 deanm]
  • Changes docking in the following ways
    [r11391 sky]
  • Fix horizontal scrolling to not be reversed on tilt wheel mice and old Thinkpads.
    [r11395 pkasting]
  • Stop history search going on beyond the start of history.
    [r11411 glen]
  • Don’t leak visited site information from original profile to OTR profile.
    [r11613 abarth]
  • Fix a crash when with chrome-ui://about/” or anything invalid
    [r11634 amit]
  • This CL fixes issue 8684 — RTL Regression: Text should be right aligned for RTL languages on “Bookmark Manager”
    [r11639 xji]
  • RSS feed support (part 1)
    [r11672 finnur]
  • Disallows dragging from the bookmark bar when the bookmark bar is closed or animating.
    [r11687 sky]