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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Mar 2 - Mar 8)

Mar 15, 2009, 01:44pm EST



  • Support DWM switching.
    [r10757 ben]
  • Don’t expose —single-process and —in-process-plugins for official Chrome releases.
    [r10771 jam]
  • Make history and downloads open once per window unless the user modifies their view.
    [r10782 glen]
  • Fixes regression where escape was not removing a newly bookmarked page.
    [r10803 sky]
  • Add a command line flag —v8-proxy-resolver, to select the new PAC implementation.
    [r10827 ericroman]
  • Initial checkin of the out of process worker implementation.
    [r10847 jam]
  • Implement GM_xmlhttpRequest
    [r10886 aa]
  • Add trivial theming support in extensions. NOTE: This is not final API. It *will* change. It’s purely for testing purposes.
    [r10913 erikkay]
  • Various fixes to mouse wheel scrolling
    [r10959 pkasting]
  • Make startup_tests build and run on Linux (except reference tests).
    [r10978 phajdan.jr]
  • make JavaScript alerts reflect the URL of the frame they came from, not the enclosing frame.”
    [r11026 brettw]
  • Developer tools frontend is served from chrome-ui://devtools/tools.html
    [r11109 yurys]
  • Enable interstitial pages for SSL certificate errors on Linux.
    [r11177 markus]
  • Fix memory leak of “screen size bitmap” (e.g. 1.5M if 750x548) that happened on *every page view* on OSX.
    [r11196 jrg]