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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Feb 16 - Feb 22)

Feb 22, 2009, 09:33pm EST



  • Sad Tab view for the Mac.
    [r9876 avi]
  • Create a menu wrapper class for GTK menus, and use it for the page and app menus.
    [r9893 erg]
  • Fix crasher in GetDefaultSearchEngineName() in first run bubble.
    [r9916 cpu]
  • HtmlDialogs had focus problems. They would not be focused when shown and tab traversal was not working.
    [r9925 jcampan]
  • Preliminary fullscreen mode support.
    [r9950 pkasting]
  • Fix save complete .html page.
    [r9988 estade]
  • Clean up dns prefetch code, and also port it.
    [r10021 phajdan.jr]
  • Update the table of RAM vs number of renderers
    [r10024 cpu]
  • Initial checkin of the HTML downloads UI.
    [r10050 glen]
  • Bitmap transport. This patch reworks bitmap transport on all platforms.
    [r10071 agl]

Mohamed Mansour at Feb 25, 2009, 01:49am EST

People would like this update once it get pushed in dev chan. The users have been waiting for full screen support for a long time. Awesome!