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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Feb 9 - Feb 15)

Feb 18, 2009, 02:33am EST



  • Porting the toolbar to GTK.
    [r9421 erg]
  • Do some more work on RenderWidgetHostViewGtk.
    * hook up mouse presses
    * hook up resizes
    * move gtk widget code into a container class (a la WebWidgetHostGtk)
    [r9506 estade]
  • Turn on Mac cursor support now that we’re already linking in the world.
    [r9522 avi]
  • Almost complete implementation of the Chrome video renderer.
    [r9575 ralphl]
  • POSIX: Transfer network data using shared memory.
    [r9580 agl]
  • Add the first unit-test that tests our IME backend.
    [r9648 hbono]
  • Fix bugs related to making Chrome default browser on Vista and also do some cleanup.
    [r9667 kuchhal]
  • Lots of small nits to help to split off webkit.dll.
    [r9692 maruel]
  • Fix some focus traversal issues
    [r9759 pkasting]
  • Add early-injection capability to user scripts.
    [r9822 aa]
  • Fix the Facebook sidebar.
    [r9836 mal]