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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Feb 2 - Feb 8)

Feb 09, 2009, 11:56am EST



  • The autocomplete popup menu was using the style of the edit field it is associated with. This is wrong, its font should be independent of the edit field.
    [r9153 jcampan]
  • Add support for 8 Indian languages.
    [r9158 jungshik]
  • Get windowed plugins (Flash) limping along on Linux.
    [r9170 evan]
  • POSIX: Backing store scrolling.
    [r9223 agl]
  • Stub implementation of gtk browser window.
    [r9276 estade]
  • Add a constraint on how many requests can be outstanding for any given render process (browser-side).
    [r9298 ericroman]
  • Add a command line option —disable-web-security. People can use this option when the same-origin policy interferes with testing their web sites.
    [r9337 abarth]
  • FileDescriptor: passing fds over IPC
    [r9369 agl]