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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Jan 19 - Jan 25)

Jan 26, 2009, 12:25pm EST



  • Remove the about:internets view :( This will make it diffitult to remove the tab contents type system and to port,
    [r8283 brettw]
  • Fix a timing issue that caused gears to fail to load sometimes.
    [r8417 mpcomplete]
  • Remove ATL from wmi_util (brings us closer to being able to use Visual Studio Express)
    [r8419 cpu]
  • More speedup of scrolling when many windowed plugins in a page. Scrolling is now at parity with single process browsers in my testing.
    [r8432 jam]
  • Fix tab resizing issue (bugs 6505 and 3258).
    [r8496 idanana]
  • Changes to insure that when in app-mode, links open in the default browser.
    [r8523 brg]
  • Linux plugin loader loads and unloads .so files.
    [r8535 evan]
  • Added a dialog for removing exceptions of password manager.
    [r8544 hclam]
  • When the server says “nosniff” but then doesn’t give us a Content-Type we now treat the response as “text/plain”.
    [r8559 abarth]
  • Fix a bug when saving web pages that have a period in their title.
    [r8569 paulg]
  • Create a dialog box for the about:network view and kill the tab type.
    [r8604 brettw]