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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Jan 12 - Jan 18)

Jan 21, 2009, 03:24am EST



  • Fixing crash in SafeBrowsingDatabaseBloom
    [r7891 tommi]
  • This CL adds a way to block resource requests in the ResourceDispatcherHost for specific RenderViewHosts. This is used by the interstitial code to prevent the original page from making network requests while the interstitial is showing.
    [r7898 jcampan]
  • Add hover cards to the recently closed windows on the new tab page.
    [r7913 ojan]
  • Remove HttpTransactionWinHttp and the —winhttp command-line switch.
    [r7970 wtc]
  • When opening a new tab by pressing CTRL-T in app mode, the location bar would not get focused.
    [r8040 jcampan]
  • WaitableEvent is the replacement for Windows events.
    [r8126 agl]
  • Block Adobe Reader from issuing NPN_GetURL/NPN_GetURLRequests for URL schemes other than http/https/ftp.
    [r8159 ananta]
  • Improve scrolling performance when there are many windowed plugins in a page.
    [r8239 jam]
  • First pass as implementing the greasemonkey API.
    [r8247 aa]

In other news, ben’s been moving files around in the src/chrome/browser directory, pkasting has been cleaning up the UI, and lots of people (estade, finnur, sky, jcampan, mmoss to name a few) have been fixing layout tests.