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by Tony Chang

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Last week in Chromium (Jan 5 - Jan 11)

Jan 12, 2009, 12:22pm EST



  • Ensure that constructor functions are created in the context of the corresponding DOMWindow. This is important for instance for XMLHttpRequests, so that they are created with the right document. If the XMLHttpRequest function is created in the context of the caller, URI resolution will be broken for the request.
    [r7542 ager]
  • Refactor the render widget unittest so it can be reused to create a render view unit test.
    [r7549 brettw]
  • Build file change for enabling dynamic font support. This is a follow-up to the third_party/Webkit change.
    [r7594 jungshik]
  • If the URL text has no scheme, and starts with ftp., then default the scheme to ftp: instead of http:.
    [r7664 brian duff]
  • Update googletest (gtest) to 1.2.1. The main new thing is the ability to print the test’s duration.
    [r7668 maruel]
  • When there are multiple requests for the same resource, it is possible that cancelling a request that is currently a reader may be racing with another reader being completed. In that case, we were not removing the transaction for the cancelled request so all queued requests were blocked forever.
    [r7669 rvargas]
  • Update Gears to r3147, and fix scons build to match.
    [r7698 mpcomplete]
  • Add debug menu to Linux test_shell
    [r7724 phajdan.jr]
  • Make a valgrind tool in the same vein as the purify one.
    [r7796 erg]
  • Add support for custom cursors set by windowless plugins.
    [r7798 ananta]
  • CookieMonster quote parsing changes and tests.
    [r7810 deanm]
  • The popup for autofill is now never activated, even when clicked. This allows us to hide it when the page loses focus.
    [r7823 jcampan]