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comment spam

Jul 08, 2005, 11:19am EDT



I started getting a lot of comment spam last weekend. It was a bit surprising since I’m running my own blogging software so someone had to tailor a spam script specifically for this site. Anyway, on Tuesday I added some comment spam detection, but the filtering was a bit over zealous and filtered out a valid comment. I’ve fixed it so that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. If you add a comment and you don’t see it, email me and I’ll look into fixing it.

Also, Spam Huntress has lots of good signals for detecting comment spam.

Michael at Jul 08, 2005, 04:06pm EDT

Wow, I’m really surprised someone took the time out to tailor something specifically to your site! My impression of this comment spam thing was that it was a few knowledgeable individuals writing software and selling it on to a bunch of clueless idiots *cough* I mean entrepreneurs, sat at computers in Florida churning the actual crap out.