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by Tony Chang

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Debian on Android

Dec 30, 2008, 12:10am EST



I’m having fun with my new Android phone. I went ahead and installed debian on it, mainly because I can, but also becuase this lets me write python scripts on it. A few notes on where I diverged from the instructions:

  • My phone is an unlocked developer phone. There’s no need to run telnet, instead, I run adb -d shell and su on the device.
  • I tried to make a 3gb image, but it failed to mount on the device. ls -l showed the file size as negative so maybe it’s a busybox/toolbox signed int32 limitation? I settled for a 2gb image.
  • I followed Brad’s notes and I bind ssh to localhost and use adb port forwarding. I also use bind mounts (mount —bind /system /data/local/mnt/system; mount —bind /sdcard /data/local/mnt/sdcard).
  • I found that if I leave the keyboard closed, when the screen turns off it switches from wifi back to edge. I’ve gotten in the habit of just leaving my keyboard open when it’s attached to the USB port.