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WebKit unforked in Chromium

May 08, 2009, 02:24pm EDT



As Darin mentioned on chromium-dev, Chromium no longer uses a forked copy of WebKit. We now pull directly from and all changes to WebCore will be upstreamed before being pulled into Chromium.

This is great news because

  • It forces Chromium developers to contribute more to the WebKit project and write better cross platform patches.
  • Cross platform code in WebCore will get reviewed by WebKit folks.
  • Updating the version of WebKit that Chromium uses will be easier.

Chromium commits per week

Apr 20, 2009, 03:32am EDT



I’ve been unable to keep up with the weekly summary of Chromium commits since I no longer have a 60 minute commute to work on a bus. Instead, here’s a graph of commits per week.

The tree moves fast.

Last week in Chromium (Mar 9 - Mar 15)

Mar 24, 2009, 09:56am EST



  • Support loading extensions into the bookmark toolbar.
    [r11294 mpcomplete]
  • Implement a GTK LocationBarView and Autocomplete{Edit,Popup}View.
    [r11323 deanm]
  • Changes docking in the following ways
    [r11391 sky]
  • Fix horizontal scrolling to not be reversed on tilt wheel mice and old Thinkpads.
    [r11395 pkasting]
  • Stop history search going on beyond the start of history.
    [r11411 glen]
  • Don’t leak visited site information from original profile to OTR profile.
    [r11613 abarth]
  • Fix a crash when with chrome-ui://about/” or anything invalid
    [r11634 amit]
  • This CL fixes issue 8684 — RTL Regression: Text should be right aligned for RTL languages on “Bookmark Manager”
    [r11639 xji]
  • RSS feed support (part 1)
    [r11672 finnur]
  • Disallows dragging from the bookmark bar when the bookmark bar is closed or animating.
    [r11687 sky]

Last week in Chromium (Mar 2 - Mar 8)

Mar 15, 2009, 01:44pm EST



  • Support DWM switching.
    [r10757 ben]
  • Don’t expose —single-process and —in-process-plugins for official Chrome releases.
    [r10771 jam]
  • Make history and downloads open once per window unless the user modifies their view.
    [r10782 glen]
  • Fixes regression where escape was not removing a newly bookmarked page.
    [r10803 sky]
  • Add a command line flag —v8-proxy-resolver, to select the new PAC implementation.
    [r10827 ericroman]
  • Initial checkin of the out of process worker implementation.
    [r10847 jam]
  • Implement GM_xmlhttpRequest
    [r10886 aa]
  • Add trivial theming support in extensions. NOTE: This is not final API. It *will* change. It’s purely for testing purposes.
    [r10913 erikkay]
  • Various fixes to mouse wheel scrolling
    [r10959 pkasting]
  • Make startup_tests build and run on Linux (except reference tests).
    [r10978 phajdan.jr]
  • make JavaScript alerts reflect the URL of the frame they came from, not the enclosing frame.”
    [r11026 brettw]
  • Developer tools frontend is served from chrome-ui://devtools/tools.html
    [r11109 yurys]
  • Enable interstitial pages for SSL certificate errors on Linux.
    [r11177 markus]
  • Fix memory leak of “screen size bitmap” (e.g. 1.5M if 750x548) that happened on *every page view* on OSX.
    [r11196 jrg]

Last week in Chromium (Feb 23 - Mar 1)

Mar 14, 2009, 10:33pm EST



  • Fullscreen mode UI.
    [r10214 pkasting]
  • Make download manager treat mixed-case extensions the same as lower-case extensions when judging whether a file is executable.
    [r10246 estade]
  • Fix for Sandboxed WebKit on OS X
    [r10259 jeremy]
  • Implement X509Certificate::Persist. This lets the browser read gmail on linux.
    [r10269 dkegel]
  • Fixing 8010: Missing options from Options dlg.
    [r10294 finnur]
  • Get save page working on posix.
    [r10314 estade]
  • Enable history and downloads by default, port NewTabUI from DOMUIHost to DOMUI.
    [r10344 glen]
  • Linux: server side backing stores
    [r10369 agl]
  • Hide profiles behind a command-line switch since the user-data-dir stuff wouldn’t work on Mac.
    [r10432 munjal]
  • Makes it so windows opened from links in Windows Live Messenger cause the window to appear instead of being invisible.
    [r10502 ben]
  • Enable —single-process for Mac and Linux.
    [r10559 shess]
  • Don’t send WebInputEvents from the renderer to the browser.
    [r10563 erg]
  • Linux: first part of removing GTK from the renderer
    [r10567 agl]

Last week in Chromium (Feb 16 - Feb 22)

Feb 22, 2009, 09:33pm EST



  • Sad Tab view for the Mac.
    [r9876 avi]
  • Create a menu wrapper class for GTK menus, and use it for the page and app menus.
    [r9893 erg]
  • Fix crasher in GetDefaultSearchEngineName() in first run bubble.
    [r9916 cpu]
  • HtmlDialogs had focus problems. They would not be focused when shown and tab traversal was not working.
    [r9925 jcampan]
  • Preliminary fullscreen mode support.
    [r9950 pkasting]
  • Fix save complete .html page.
    [r9988 estade]
  • Clean up dns prefetch code, and also port it.
    [r10021 phajdan.jr]
  • Update the table of RAM vs number of renderers
    [r10024 cpu]
  • Initial checkin of the HTML downloads UI.
    [r10050 glen]
  • Bitmap transport. This patch reworks bitmap transport on all platforms.
    [r10071 agl]

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