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Last week in Chromium (Dec 15 - Dec 21)

Dec 26, 2008, 03:00pm EST



  • Add “Enable spell check for this field” menu option in sub context menu for context menu over text box
    [r7000 sidchat]
  • fix box shadows
    [r7002 tc]
  • Fix memory corruption in the GIF decoder if a GIF specified a frame with no pixel data.
    [r7103 pkasting]
  • Fix incorrect pattern offsets
    [r7107 mmoss]
  • Underlying functionality for generating native Visual Studio solution files
    [r7120 sgk]
  • Fixes crash in download tab view
    [r7161 sky]
  • Make sure the text field is focused when doing a JavaScript prompt (which shows an alert box with a text field in it).
    [r7201 jcampan]
  • Add support for transformed, stoked, shadowed, filled text.
    [r7223 brettw]
  • Fixes a leak of a ResourceHandle that happens with synchronous XMLHttpRequests
    [r7252 asargent]

Last week in Chromium (Dec 8 - Dec 14)

Dec 15, 2008, 12:57pm EST



  • Initial step to enable CSS Gradients.
    [r6515 mmoss]
  • First cut at POSIX Implementation of IPC Channel using FIFOs.
    [r6520 jeremy]
  • Add a ProxyScriptFetcher class for doing asynch downloads of PAC scripts.
    [r6699 ericroman]
  • Added std::string to Value via Set/GetString overloading.
    [r6768 scherkus]
  • Fixes two session restore bugs:
    [r6776 sky]
  • Fix issue 3620: Logic in Path::arc() determines what angle should be passed to Skia for the newly-drawn arc. This was buggy in the case of drawing clockwise arcs where the start angle is greater than the end angle (on an absolute scale).
    [r6828 jhaas]
  • 307 redirects of POST should generate POSTs instead of GETs.
    [r6879 abarth]
  • Implement visited link coloring.
    [r6970 brettw]
  • Command line switch for the ultra security concious: —force-https!
    [r6979 abarth]

Last week’s top 10 committers

 48 agl
 26 brettw
 21 sky
 21 mark
 19 evanm
 19 deanm
 16 ojan
 15 darin
 14 tc
 13 pkasting

Last week in Chromium (Dec 1 - Dec 7)

Dec 08, 2008, 11:04am EST



  • Redo fix from yesterday— Found a bug in the BaseTimer.
    [r6251 mbelshe]
  • Chromium-MultiProfile-Prototype
    [r6333 munjal]
  • Disk cache: Add support for an extra data stream for each cache entry.
    [r6392 rvargas]
  • Adding media filters interface definitions. (for
  • Introduce ExtensionsService. Load extensions on startup from a directory in the profile if a command-line flag is present.
    [r6403 aa]
  • Fix a crash on 64-bit systems when an external message hook is installed.
    [r6420 brettw]
  • Add fuzzy image matching tool for Linux pixel tests
    [r6444 agl]
  • This is a cleaned up fix of Christian’s original patch in (fix a hotmail issue)
    [r6472 fqian]
  • Handle destruction of test shell properly.
    [r6475 evanm]
  • Improve PDF FastWebView performance. This occurs because the manual data stream load does not get cancelled correctly.
    [r6486 ananta]

Last week in Chromium (Nov 24 - Nov 30)

Dec 01, 2008, 12:36pm EST



Lots going on last week even though Thursday and Friday were holidays in the US.

Aaron posts a design document for extension installation. If you have feedback on the design, write a reply to the mailing list.

Adam writes about the current state of sandboxing on linux. We don’t plan on starting the implementation of a sandbox on linux anytime soon, but we’ve started to think about the problem.

  • Find now uses WebKit’s TextMatch highlighting for Find-in-page.
    [r5946 finnur]
  • Fix for 1498134, possible crash when cancelling a url request.
    [r5989 sky]
  • Query the system for the cursor blink interval setting.
    [r5991 deanm]
  • Changes tab restore service to handle restoring closed windows as a single unit.
    [r6003 sky]
  • Don’t create separate SiteInstances for pages from the same domain and scheme but from different ports. (These pages can still access each other.)
    [r6014 creis]
  • Turn on the new SafeBrowsing by default.
    [r6015 paulg]
  • Attempted fix for some wheel/touchpad scrolling errors.
    [r6016 pkasting]
  • Fix the painting problem with Stree View and Flash 10.
    [r6128 jam]

Last week in Chromium (Nov 17 - Nov 23)

Nov 24, 2008, 12:50pm EST



  • Cursor support including custom cursors.
    [r5634 avi]
  • Fixes (Chrome::Views) trees on Hebrew locales.
    [r5654 sky]
  • Make the net resource interface use StringPiece instead of std::string.
    [r5740 deanm]
  • A new implementation of the autofill using the editor client API. This simplifies code as we don’t need to listen for events on input elements, the editor client API is only triggered when the text changes.
    [r5742 jcampan]
  • Fix the FTP implementation.
    [r5743 darin]
  • Add a flags to further control response header persistence. We use this to filter out Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 response headers from being forwarded to the rednerer.
    [r5767 darin]
  • fix pan scrolling
    [r5769 tc]
  • Fixes bug where tooltips would get stuck.
    [r5798 sky]
  • Fix Silverlight windowless plugin painting issues.
    [r5816 ananta]
  • Beginnings of a new InfoBar system.
    [r5856 ben]
  • Fix crashes while displaying large animated GIFs.
    [r5860 pkasting]
  • Generate a warning if the return value of FilePath::Append is ignored.
    [r5871 agl]
  • Fix infinite paint loop on Linux.
    [r5874 evanm]

Last week in Chromium (Nov 10 - Nov 16)

Nov 17, 2008, 12:51pm EST



  • Implements a WM_MOUSEHWHEEL message handler.
    [r5095 hbono]
  • This CL makes the form autofill popup menu … only set the text field text when the user presses enter or click on an item.
    [r5149 jcampan]
  • Ensure that windowed plugins get focus during WM_MOUSEACTIVATE.
    [r5178 ananta]
  • “new Image()” was aliased in the V8 bindings to document.createElement(‘image’). While the behavior of new Image() doesn’t appear to be well-defined in spec, all other browsers always create an HTML image element, regardless of the type of the current document. Changed our implementation to conform.
    [r5186 jhaas]
  • Fix plugin data refreshing to work again.
    [r5216 darin]
  • Rewrite the glib UI pump.
    [r5278 deanm]
  • Fixes text field background when disabled/read-only to better match how Windows looks.
    [r5317 sky]
  • Do another merge using nifty new merge script.
    [r5360 ojan]
  • Fix assignment of a javascript: URL to window.location.href
    [r5380 darin]
  • Update strings and add 8 new Indic languages
    [r5395 tc]
  • Use Skia to render fonts
    [r5401 agl]
  • Allow optimized builds on Linux.
    [r5406 evanm]
  • Re-do the way browser windows are shown
    [r5417 ben]
  • Add GCController support to test_shell.
    [r5482 fqian]
  • Open up SDCH for all sites, in preparation for latency tests
    [r5529 jar]

As eluded to in Ojan’s commit, we’re now doing merges to WebKit ToT about once a day. There’s also been a lot of work unforking changes to our WebKit tree so we can eventually live off of WebKit ToT.

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