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I'm looking for a summer intern

Feb 22, 2009, 02:32am EST



I’m looking for a summer intern to hack on Google Chrome/Chromium. Someone with WebKit or GTK experience would be great. Strong C++ skills is a requirement because internships are short and I want someone who can get up to speed quickly.

Better yet, check out the source, build it, then jump onto #chromium on freenode and try to fix some bugs. Having a patch or two contributed will go a long way.

If you’re interested, please send your resume to tony at chromium dot org.


Last week in Chromium (Feb 9 - Feb 15)

Feb 18, 2009, 02:33am EST



  • Porting the toolbar to GTK.
    [r9421 erg]
  • Do some more work on RenderWidgetHostViewGtk.
    * hook up mouse presses
    * hook up resizes
    * move gtk widget code into a container class (a la WebWidgetHostGtk)
    [r9506 estade]
  • Turn on Mac cursor support now that we’re already linking in the world.
    [r9522 avi]
  • Almost complete implementation of the Chrome video renderer.
    [r9575 ralphl]
  • POSIX: Transfer network data using shared memory.
    [r9580 agl]
  • Add the first unit-test that tests our IME backend.
    [r9648 hbono]
  • Fix bugs related to making Chrome default browser on Vista and also do some cleanup.
    [r9667 kuchhal]
  • Lots of small nits to help to split off webkit.dll.
    [r9692 maruel]
  • Fix some focus traversal issues
    [r9759 pkasting]
  • Add early-injection capability to user scripts.
    [r9822 aa]
  • Fix the Facebook sidebar.
    [r9836 mal]

Last week in Chromium (Feb 2 - Feb 8)

Feb 09, 2009, 11:56am EST



  • The autocomplete popup menu was using the style of the edit field it is associated with. This is wrong, its font should be independent of the edit field.
    [r9153 jcampan]
  • Add support for 8 Indian languages.
    [r9158 jungshik]
  • Get windowed plugins (Flash) limping along on Linux.
    [r9170 evan]
  • POSIX: Backing store scrolling.
    [r9223 agl]
  • Stub implementation of gtk browser window.
    [r9276 estade]
  • Add a constraint on how many requests can be outstanding for any given render process (browser-side).
    [r9298 ericroman]
  • Add a command line option —disable-web-security. People can use this option when the same-origin policy interferes with testing their web sites.
    [r9337 abarth]
  • FileDescriptor: passing fds over IPC
    [r9369 agl]

Last week in Chromium (Jan 26 - Feb 1)

Feb 09, 2009, 11:51am EST



  • More updates to build optimization settings on linux.
    [r8717 deanm]
  • Bring in googleurl changes which fix URL parsing layout test.
    [r8725 mmoss]
  • Fixes tab contents crash.
    [r8731 sky]
  • Add support for UA spoofing, and spoof Safari’s UA string when loading URLs from * (to fix hotmail). [chromium notes]
    [r8764 darin]
  • In WebKit r39791 Glenn Wilson changed radio buttons so that they can be checked even if they don’t have a name.
    [r8807 finnur]
  • Add thread checks to the IPC channel.
    [r8837 rvargas]
  • Generate a proper file name when dragging an image from a web page to the desktop.
    [r8854 paulg]
  • Correct sqlite wrapper behavior on systems where wchar_t is UTF-32, for example Linux.
    [r8977 phajdan.jr]

If you want some more in depth comments about checkins, be sure to add evan’s Chromium Notes to your feed reader.

Last week in Chromium (Jan 19 - Jan 25)

Jan 26, 2009, 12:25pm EST



  • Remove the about:internets view :( This will make it diffitult to remove the tab contents type system and to port,
    [r8283 brettw]
  • Fix a timing issue that caused gears to fail to load sometimes.
    [r8417 mpcomplete]
  • Remove ATL from wmi_util (brings us closer to being able to use Visual Studio Express)
    [r8419 cpu]
  • More speedup of scrolling when many windowed plugins in a page. Scrolling is now at parity with single process browsers in my testing.
    [r8432 jam]
  • Fix tab resizing issue (bugs 6505 and 3258).
    [r8496 idanana]
  • Changes to insure that when in app-mode, links open in the default browser.
    [r8523 brg]
  • Linux plugin loader loads and unloads .so files.
    [r8535 evan]
  • Added a dialog for removing exceptions of password manager.
    [r8544 hclam]
  • When the server says “nosniff” but then doesn’t give us a Content-Type we now treat the response as “text/plain”.
    [r8559 abarth]
  • Fix a bug when saving web pages that have a period in their title.
    [r8569 paulg]
  • Create a dialog box for the about:network view and kill the tab type.
    [r8604 brettw]

Last week in Chromium (Jan 12 - Jan 18)

Jan 21, 2009, 03:24am EST



  • Fixing crash in SafeBrowsingDatabaseBloom
    [r7891 tommi]
  • This CL adds a way to block resource requests in the ResourceDispatcherHost for specific RenderViewHosts. This is used by the interstitial code to prevent the original page from making network requests while the interstitial is showing.
    [r7898 jcampan]
  • Add hover cards to the recently closed windows on the new tab page.
    [r7913 ojan]
  • Remove HttpTransactionWinHttp and the —winhttp command-line switch.
    [r7970 wtc]
  • When opening a new tab by pressing CTRL-T in app mode, the location bar would not get focused.
    [r8040 jcampan]
  • WaitableEvent is the replacement for Windows events.
    [r8126 agl]
  • Block Adobe Reader from issuing NPN_GetURL/NPN_GetURLRequests for URL schemes other than http/https/ftp.
    [r8159 ananta]
  • Improve scrolling performance when there are many windowed plugins in a page.
    [r8239 jam]
  • First pass as implementing the greasemonkey API.
    [r8247 aa]

In other news, ben’s been moving files around in the src/chrome/browser directory, pkasting has been cleaning up the UI, and lots of people (estade, finnur, sky, jcampan, mmoss to name a few) have been fixing layout tests.

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